Shuffle play music library

Hi, I’m looking to buy the Volumio Primo, but before I do so I’d be grateful if someone could help me find out whether the Volumio app allows me to play my music in the way I’m used to:

  1. I like to shuffle my entire library so I need an option a the top level that enables me to play everything in my library either shuffled (shuffle library) or just play library but with an option to shuffle once it starts playing. This would need to be available in iOS and/or Android
  2. I need an option in the Playback screen that allows me to save the current track to a playlist (or a least to be able to view the track in the queue of shuffled library tracks so that I can add the track to a playlist from there). Ideally, I would like to be able to save the track to a playlist stored on my Minimserver NAS (RPi) or to a new a playlist created on Minimserver, rather than a local playlist within Volumio.

Thiat is how I currently listen to my music.

What would be a fantastic feature also (Naim have it in their app, and I believe Roon also has it too) would be, when browsing by Artist and you view their albums, that Volumio also presents albums available in Tidal/Qobuz/Spotify. Is that something Volumio does too?

Many thanks for your help.


Here Davide, tech support

I’m going to reply to your questions one by one:

  • yes it’s possible to shuffle your local music library. You can enable it within the player functionalities or in the queue menu.

  • you can only save Volumio playlist, not create/upgrade existing playlists placed outside the unit, except for streaming services contents, on which you can see and upgrade existing playlists

  • thank you then for the useful suggestion. We will rework the UI later on, it’s in our todo list