Show Your Chassis - Show Your Case!

There are many a “ use case ” - literally, chassis - for Volumio.

Let’s have thread to show off, ‘er, showCASE, your Volumio box(es), hey?
Hint: whichever case has the hardware running Volumio - that is your case to show!

Please complete the template below, with your photo(s) - let’s help fellow Volumio’ers follow our tracks if they wish, hey? Fill-in or delete from each of the 6 fields as relevant:

Origin: Ready-made case/device / Custom case/device / DIY case
Make-Model: (N/A if DIY)
Form Factor: Streamer-Server-Transport only / SS/T + DAC / SST + DAC + Amp / Other
Notes / Other info:
Manufacturer / review url(s):

If your case is already shown by someone, feel free to show a pic of how you have the case set-up!
Please keep Volumio Community policies in mind for pics + url’s; thank you!

Reserved for e.g. :sunglasses:

Origin: Ready-made case
Make / Model: Wicked Aluminum Raspberry Pi 4b Secure Case
Form Factor: Streamer-Server-Transport only
Dimensions: WIP :dotted_line_face:
Notes / Other info: :face_with_monocle:
Manufacturer url:

I claim no known conflict of interest (financial or otherwise) with provided link.

My homemade device

Hello Mchief
I was lioking for solution of front panel for 2 projects based of waveshares screens. 10.4 and 11.9 inch.
And if I may say that 10.4 is no problem, because glass screen is little bit bigger than rest behinf od screen, this 11.9 is problematic how to mount even of cnc made front because glass i exact as behind cosntruction.
I saw your case and front with some solution. Inunderstand that you have printed 3d some “legs” for screen and for dimensioned case.
Is possible to advise me how to do it? Maybe you have this project to print to share or sell.

Yes… @Valdemir and @mchief including details for the template in the 1st post would be very helpful (boldface items), if you are willing / able to do so (no pressure, though) :wink:
Very nice work, seeing these DIY’s often looking as nice or nicer than off-the-shelf units! Thanks!!

Display (11.5 KB)

Here are the display holder templates for 3D printing.