Show Playlists on Startup

Hi Folks,

i just discovered this fine piece of software and i’m already tweaking around with it.
Currently i’m building a streaming-client for my office on Raspberry PI.
As it is connected to an Ampflifier, i don’t want the folks to change the Volume within the Volumio UI.
Also, I just want them to choose between different items in a pre-configured Playlist.

The problem is, that the Playback-Tab (with the volume control) is shown by default on startup.
Is it possible to make Volumio start with the Playlist Tab.

Maybe I’m just blind… but i don’t get this done.

Does anybody have a hint for me?

Thank in advance

sometimes a little sleep is all that is needed…

a simple modification in the indextpl.html (class “tab-pane active” from the Playback Pane to the Playlist Pane) solved my problem.