Should I move from Allo Boss 1.0 to 1.2?

Hi everyone and many thanks to Michelangelo & Co.

I’m enjoying Allo Boss (v 1.0) for more than one year, and a few weeks ago I powered it with an iFi Power.
I was wondering if it would make sense to move to the new version 1.2, not having intention to use at the time other better power supplies (linear), nor switch to more complex solutions like Katana (or Kali, isolator, reclocker).

Some things you might need to know:

  • mostly rock listening
  • the quality of my music library is for the most part 16/44 flac (no DSD)
  • I like a lot RadioParadise (thanks marco79cgn)
  • loudspeakers: Indiana Line Tesi 261
  • amplifier: Audiophonics PA-S125NC

Should I stay or should I go ?!? :slight_smile:

A thousand thanks again to the Volumio community and to Allo.

P.S. I read, but I’m still undecided.

Dont waste your money unless you have too much of it :laughing:

The increase in SQ is subtle. If you are happy with it, keep it.

Take a look at our new Katana 1.2 when it will be released.

Thank you very much for the answers, you have convinced me not to make the transition.

I do not doubt that Katana 1.2 is a major step forward, but honestly its complexity and the need for three power supplies (to make the most of it) frighten me a little.

For all our testing (and those THD+N numbers) we are only using 2 PSUs…one for RPI and second for Katana (uController)

You can use 3 PSUs only if you know what you are doing (but it was designed to use only 2)

Which PSU’s are you using for your tests? I too am also using the original BOSS and am thinking about upgrading but I’m waiting to see what the final cost will be for a complete Katana set-up with all of the right pieces (DAC, Case, RPi, PSU’s, possibly new isolator). I’m thinking right now it will be close to $500-$600 since I’m using Canadian dollars.