Share folder winos index issues

Hi ;
got volumio on my rp5 ver 3.569
having trouble to see my share folder on the network in winos 11 .
same range ip .the folder are visible for share with proper permissions .
i can see the folder mounted on Volumio ui .
in the “option” section i tried smb 2 and 3 without success .cifs. vers=2 or 3 .
sometimes i tried to “scan” or “update” th DB after reboot the pi5 and i can see files counting in “sources” but button “media library” doesn’t work . and after a while the couter of files/folders disappeared .

other than that the Volumio work great with rp5 and digi pro 2.2 hat .
please advise…


Thanks @dvo .smb 2&3 are enabled .
Stiil i can index the share folders .

did you look at this :

been all over the threads .
seems like a bug as the index sometimes work .