Share External Hard Drive Mac

I searched my question but all the results that turned up were from two years ago. If anyone knows of a guide or related post please share. If none exists then perhaps we can create a guide for future reference.

I am trying to share my music library off of an external hard drive connected to my Mac.

System Preferences: Sharing

File sharing is on.

The desired folder has been added to the Shared Folders list.

Clicking on the Edit… button the Share files and folders using SMB/AFP boxes are checked.

System Preferences: Network

Wi-Fi is connected and gives an IP address.

Volumio: My Music

Alias is given.

IP address is that given by Network Preferences.

The path is difficult to determine. Guides from previous versions are unhelpful.

I’m also unsure about File Share Type. Do I need to enable one of these protocols on my Mac?

Also, I tried plugging the hard drive directly into my Pi and I didn’t have any luck finding my music.

I switched on Windows Sharing and now I can see the drive I created in Volumio listed in the My Music menu. Only the drive is still not mounted. It only sees 12mb of info and I know I have over seven days of flac on this hard drive. Any clues?

Probably credentials are wrong, or maybe the path…

How should I format the path? I tried dragging the music folder into terminal to get the path but to no avail.

What sort of question should I ask on a Mac forum (because I assume most people on this one do not use Macs)?

For file path I’ve tried: volumes//Music or /Music

So I looked up how to access a shared file from a linux (ubuntu) machine. Supposedly the file path must be : smb:/// etc.
Why is it that Volumio displays a colon after the IP address instead of a slash?
Are there any other Mac users out there?