setup Rpi 3B+ dont have volumio wifi access

I am trying to setup the new rpi3B+ with the new volumio image. : 2.411
I am useing an 8 GByte sd card. and no dac yet.
I had very briefly the volumio hotspot, after only 20 sec. or so, it is gone and does not come back.
So I cant setup the new system or make a connection with my home wifi network.

grtings, Jan

I had this issue. What amp rating is your psu?

It needs to be 2.5a.

IC , it’s home made , 1,5 amp max.
It works fine with rpi 3B, how much does model 3B+ consume ?

grtz, Jan

I think with DAC 2a is needed to be on the safe side. Suggest try a different psu to isolate the issue.

well in that case, i have to buy a psu with more power. It could take a while to see if its the solution.

grtz, Jan

I have tried the psu with the rpi 3B setup. and that works. So indeed the 3B+ needs more power.
my 3B psu also feeds a 256GB ssd but i tested te new 3B+ without the ssd.
My guess is with the SSD and a good dac shield it consumes about 3,5 to 4 amps.
The good things the new 3B+ starts very fast.

Good to hear. Took me ages to figure out!