Setting up Volumio with RaspPI touchscreen

Hi, so i got the Volumio image installed on the my Rasp PI and i’ve managed to access from my windows laptop if the pi is directly etherneted into my router but what I actually want to do is to access it on my Rasp PI using my touchscreen. At the moment it boots up and then i input username and password and there it stops, presumable it’s acting as a server to other newtworked devices (whish is great) but i guess i need to activate my browser on my actual PI to have it on my touchscreen.

I’m pretty new to the Raspberry but have mounted a couple of images ok but i’m stuck on getting this up and running, any pointers aprecated thanks.


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Google is your friend :slight_smile: … tart_Guide


thanks for that, i’ve tried with the manual but am stuck regarding how to fire up a browser from command line or even activate the monitor from command line. Aside from that I’m thinking the the image of volumio isn’t really setup for use with a touchscreen, more a server from what i can see (?), i don’t think i’m going to get along with it unfortunately as it seems what i’m trying to achieve requires a lot more understanding. I was looking to mount an image and put in my usb of music and get going, clearly that isn’t the case for me so far anyway!.

PS - maybe i’d be better off working from Noobs so I can open a browser then go and download Volumio on my touchscreen/pi3 setup - would that work do you know?


Your right about the server part - most interaction with Volumio is done via it’s WebUI. You can access this either by connecting to the Volumio hotspot that is created, or by navigating it it’s IP(or volumio.local) if it’s plugged into your LAN.
It would be mighty easier to set it up first using your desktop/mobile browser, and from the WebUI enable the touchscreen plugin for subsequent independent control.