setting up Volumio w/ HiFi Hat, Dual Amp, Massive NAS

First, HELLO!

I’m Pete, and please forgive me for crashing into your online community- in which I am a stranger to you, but not to the gear. I hope I am not a bother, and someone here might understand my plight and find it easy to copy and paste me some links. If this is the type of request that comes in twice a day… my bad.

I am no stranger to the Pi. I have been using it as a cable cutting device for almost six years and the amount I have not spent on cable service itself, along with their their included set top box DVR charge per month, taxes and all the other fees since I cut the cord- my savings have topped topped over $6,500 earlier this year to date since I started using the Pi. Love it. I’ve branched out trying to buy other SBCs with more horsepower, but seem to keep returning to the Pi.

I design home theater systems for people with much more money than I have, as well as design and fabricate Audiophile Quality speakers for home (and home theater, and BIG home use). Alas, I have the curse of the Baker without any bread, as I tend to use a mixture of junky audio gear I don’t care much about in my own house. I have kids that are just turning 8 and 9, so I can just start to trust them around things I really would like to keep intact. I am getting my NAS rig back in order, setting up amplifiers and speaker cabinets and the last part is setting up the Pi and Volumio.

I’ve used Volumio and Rune before. I have no problem getting Volumio running and using it. I like it. I’d like to be directed to being able to use Volumio for online streaming services. Podcasts? http:// stream addresses? Some other way to use add-ones like in the video section? Any hints, tutorials you know of, other threads, cool projects…

TO be clear, I am not looking for help setting this up. I can do it- possibly with some help from the Google machine. All I am requesting is that is you see something here I am about to do that you know trips people up, please mention it to me. Like Podcassts, for example. I haven’t even looked into it yet. But if you know it is tricky or there is an easy way to do it, let me know if you please. That’s it.


[size=150]Help Request ONE: Integrate 3rd Party DAC… tips, tricks?[/size]

[size=150]-- 3rd PARTY HiFi multi-pin DAC Hat:[/size] [size=150]PiFi Dac+ v2.0[/size]

The DAC. It’s a Chinese knock off that supposedly works with the “HiFi Berry setting” in some Pi applications. Can anyone confirm or deny? I got it working on one of the Rune settings before… so maybe I can get it working in Volumio. Any tips are appreciated. The name on my knock off is:

[size=150]“PiFi DAC+ v2.0”[/size]

there it is, sitting on a Pi.


[size=150]I’m looking to be able to pull audio from a lot of sources and I don’t know if it’s possible (for ALL of them) or realistic. For all I know, two or three hot streaming methods don’t work, or there is a trick to using cloud stored audio or something. Here is a rundown of what I plan on using for source audio off the top of my head, and if you know something I don’t know, want to help, and can save me time / a headache, go for it!: [/size]

-NAS 19TB in House
-Cloud- Degoo, Amazon, Google, mega… I’ve lost track. Well over 100TB available space with little used
-Audio Add Ons? Volumio “apps?”
-http:// streaming sources (AM/FM simulcasts) (web addresses that play an .m4u or .ra or something.)
-USB drive plugged into Pi
-FUTURE ONLINE STREAMS (http:// based)
-Stream from network connected devices - other phones, tablets, laptops and attached drives on the network

Pandora, Spotify, Some Podcasting Service, Obscure Audio App by my favorite band, Amazon Music, Google Music, http:// streaming links, YouTube Music(?), Future Streams

** High Fidelity, Audiophile Quality sound via LOSSLESS .flac or .wav files - Good only via playback local / over home network for Audiophile quality. This is the focus of the main stereo in general ** Local file transfer, direct drive plugged into Pi, Bluetooth 4.(2?), WiFi

[size=150]Help Request TWO: Simple Amp enclosure display— (arduino?)[/size]
[size=150]SONG & ARTIST “simple” DISPLAY[/size]

I am not opposed to any embedded on device GUI, whether it be just DOT Matrix type text on 2 or 3 lines and simple controls that move up, down, left, right, “enter” with buttons used for scrolling. I’d prefer simple. Realizing Volumio is controlled by browser, probably just the artist/song display on that simple display is what I am after. I swear I’ve seen something like this done in a project I saw online. Heck if I can find it now. Again, simple display on the device, which again- will be a stereo component with amps with few controls and a little display… like this:


This I have never done before and am going to be pawing in the dark for a while.

There seems to be a hodgepodge of elements of a similar project on Instructables and sites like it. I’d just like some pointers on some good tutorials for this stuff. The display on the outside is what I’ll need most help with, along with integrating an Arduino, as my experience is almost exclusively with the Pi unless I was doing some extreme hand holding or following a foolproof tutorial. If I am way off-base and dreaming about this aspect of this project and it is not a realistic “want,” please let me know I am wasting my time!.

Just looking to put it all together and not miss something really important.

[size=150]Pointers, tips and advice all welcomed. [/size]

And… again, sorry if people come here with big ideas all the time asking for advice. The difference may be that I actually complete this stuff.

[size=200]****Read no further unless you care about my silly quadraphonic, BiAmped system - two front, two rear + subwoofer. I made all the speakers myself and am assembling custom amplifiers and enclosure. ****[/size]

SURE 250x2 Watts RMS
(powering) FRONT PAIR Floor Standing Cabinets - Three Way with 12" Woofer. Cabinets can handle 450W RMS each
SURE 100x2 Watts RMS
(powering) REAR LARGE PAIR Bookshelf Style Cabinets on Stands - Two Way with 8" Woofer. Cabinets can handle 225W RMS each
504W Switching Power Supply (for 250x2)
240W Switching Power Supply (for 100x2)
“SOFT ON” Speaker PCB modules (between amp and speaker terminals)
RCA dual Input
Distribution Amplifier - multiply RCA input x3: 250x2 amp, 100x2 amp, SUB amp, AUX out****
RCA dual Output x2 : SUB + AUX
Volume Control Front
Volume Control Rear
Power Switch
Speaker Outputs: FRONT (L+, L-) (R+, R-) : REAR (L+, L-) (R+, R-)
FOUR Brushless fans, vented sides and top.

****AUX OUT to another Distribution Amplifier. Signals bounced to every amplifier set up in the house, the deck, and the garage. If she’ll allow it, I’ll hide a small amp inside the bathroom vanity. We moved into this house in June and I have yet to set up my audio in each room and wired them all up. I am kind of taking a long time on purpose, expecting some home assisted (Siri, Alexa, Bixby) audio powerhouse that I will just HAVE to integrate. Our last house, between all living spaces, garage, basement, three sets of outdoor speakers: all able to play together or independently, working off a total of SEVENTEEN amplifiers, not including the three powered subwoofers. To give an idea of where I have been and where this is going. I have enough spare amplifiers and cabinets to get to the 20 amplifier mark. Might have to start audio in closets!b]****[/b]

Wow your going to be busy.

I have the HiFiBerry amp hat and the IQaudio amp hat. IQaudio amp has a little more power.

Let us know how the bi-amping goes as this is a way to increase power to the speakers. The equalization plugin would have to be rewritten to access each amp hat separately though for freq control.