Setting up the stream of audio

Hi everyone and thank you in advance for your time. I am willing to start the diy hi-fi journey even though I have average-guy computer skills. I am considering using a raspberry pi with a dac or go all allo and use sparky with piano and kali.

As i will make a significative investment on this I want to achieve a clearly superior quality to my usb audioquest dac. My question here today is do I need a NAS for a optimal quality or can i skip buying it and use a usb hdd connected to the sbc, with no changes in quality whatsoever? Can a hdd at any RPM handle the best quality files one could possibily have?

PS: I feel that the file management set up is not as well explained in the website or User Manueal chapter in the main docs.

You can use an HDD without any issue, to ensure best compatibility use a self-powered Hard Disk.
What you think we should add to the manual?

Thanks for the reply, it’s great to be able to reach the founder. From your blog entry … s-so-good/ I wondered if the “path my precious ones and zeroes face” started at the Pi or not - if how they reached the Pi didn’t matter for the equation qualitywise - also I think i have read somewhere wi-fi might not be okay for 96khz/24bit. Thus my question.

As for documentation on the NAS I found usefull the info on this video

To be honest, there is not a great deal of difference by using an Hard Drive or a Nas, they both have their pros and cons (and it’s mainly related to ground noise…) .

As for the NAS mount, we made it super simpler in Volumio2, hope you think the same :wink:

i would suggest , if you use a USB HDD connected to your RPI, to configure "spinning down"parameters,so the hdd
1/ would go to sleep after some idle time
2/ and would be nearly immediate to wake up play when requested.

i use this configuration for months (version 1.55 and 2.0) and i am happy about it.

more info to “hdparm configuration” can be found here

It’s on our TODO list :wink: