Set up dev environment

Hi, could someone explain the easiest way to set up a dev environment to work on volumio… Want to mess around with the web ui a bit. Do I have to run it from one of the supported devices and test changes there each time or can I run it virtually on a pc?


You can set up a emulated Pi on windows, with Qemu

this is a pretty good tutorial!

Let me know how it goes

Has anyone been able to make this work? I’d also like to try Volumio from qemu or something on my Mac, while I’m waiting for my hardware to arrive… I’ve been able to get other Raspberry Pi images to boot and behave in qemu (just following some other tutorials like this one), but I can’t get the downloadable Volumio image for RPI to behave… If anyone knows how to do this, would you please be so kind as to post a step by step guide?

This guyseems to have it working, but he’s too advanced for me, so I don’t understand what he’s saying I need to do… Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.