Servus (<- thats how bavarians say Hello) Community!

I live in Germany and im currenty studiing Physics. I realy enjoy music, but i hate using the physical media (like CDs or Vinyl) for playback, cause im afraid they get wasted over time, which brought my to Volumio.

I have a relativly long experiance with HiFi Systems and my studies also improved my knowledge about sound in generell.

Currently im using Volumio on a Cubox i4 in combination with the Project DAC Box S. The DAC is connected to a Cambridge Audio Azur 351 A which powers a pair of Epos Elan 10 Speakers.

My music is stored in (on?) my own Fileserver (Ubuntu Server) running the latest version of the Limbomediaserver (UPnP/DLNA Server with great web usability)

My next step to improve my listening experiance is to replace my Cubow with a more audiophile 24-bit, low Jitter Raspberry Pi B+ and a SPDIF shield.