Server install


i want to run Volumio on my Freenas as a jail or VM.
is it possible to get a install script instead of a finished boot image.

unfortunately there is no chance.
There are build scripts for many devices, but they all aim at creating a complete Volumio image.

well i just did it

google is your friend :slight_smile: wuhuu
volumio Freenas.jpg

Bravo! How is it working?

Got some serious problems with the SMB / cifs shares, cant mount, and when it finaly mounts it wont show the files.
I testet on my PI also and it is the same problem there.

the reason i wanted it on the server was that i wanted to use Volumio for my Squeezeboxes, but thay plugin is gone ??
but it boots and the inteface is fast and it looks like it is working ,but i actually dont know.

Got it working :slight_smile:

vers=2.1 did the job

  • adding volumio user and group to Freenas ACL for the share
    now for the testing :slight_smile:


what have you done different in the new version from the one in Januari?

I have the old image from Januari and it works great installing it via Netcat
i downloaded the new version yesterday and i cant install it like i did with before.

i know it is not supposed to work i am just curious if it is a permanent change then i have to save the januari image in a vault :slight_smile: for future use

can you specify how did you do it?
did you ran a raw img file from the latest version?

i installed it to a Jail in Freenas via netcat google it i cant find the link right now. but it only works with a specific version of Volumio, cant remember the version right now. i went for a Bluesound instead of my old Squeezebox