Server&Client-in-1 (AiO)

Hello, everyone,

this is a rookie and possibly ridiculous question, but, please, is there a way how to run and control Volumio on a single machine (e.g., RPi with a connected touch panel, eventually even a keyboard and a mouse or other pointing device)?

I understand that Volumio is meant to be a headless server controlled via external devices - clients, but under some scenarios an AiO solution may be more convenient to the user.

THANKS to you all!

Welcome to Volumio! :slight_smile:

Yes, devices with a connected screen can be controlled by using the touch_display plugin. Look for it under Plugins>Miscellanea>Touch Display

(not really sure why it is under Miscellanea and not User Interface… :thinking:)

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Hello, @ashthespy,


I am only about to buy and build the system, so cannot try it right now. (Unfortunately, I neither can see any plug-ins in the virtual/remote installation @ - The first online operating system tester .) However, I believe it’s gonna work.

So, just to be sure: All you need is a single computer (e.g., HiFiBerry), a touch panel (e.g., Waveshare), …

and the Touch Display plug-in, right?

I am asking this annoyingly and stupidly, because while browsing through the forum I have also come to some guides describing the process as a bit more complicated (e.g., here) - however, if I understand them correctly, their issues origin from the fact that they are using “non-standard” (i.e., not the original RPi 7" 800x480) displays. Am I correct, please?

THANK YOU again!

The only stupid questions are the ones you didn’t bother looking up first :wink:

But yes, you are on the right track!

Hardware side you have it down

  • Raspberry Pi 4 (+ SD Card + PSU)
  • DAC (Hifiberry is a safe bet)
  • Display

Software side should be all click click and go.
Unless you have a display that needs specific drivers, the ones that connect via HDMI normally work out of the box. Worst case you would need to spend some time looking for hints here on touch screen calibration and screen rotation…


@ashthespy :+1:

THANKS a lot for the good news! I hope I’ll be testing soon.

All the best and THANKS again for your help!

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