Seriously? this "superb paid" Volumio is not working with Tidal

PLS help. Tidal is not working (Plan Virtuoso).I have latest version of Volumio downloaded today
In the same moment internet radio from volumio plays without problem (so this is not fault of DAC) but volumio!. The Tidal the only reason I am here and agree to pay is not working!!!Its really frustrating!!!
DAC: Soekris dam1021, Raspbery Pi2
Volumio .local allows to download Tidal playlist and finally shows that it is played but there is no signal transfered to Dac (soekris didnt received valid signal as led it is blinking)…
I just swapped from one sh…ty OS to another! but now additionality have to pay for it. Its really really bad experience! Despite fact there is no good step by step instruction (or youtube intro)
PLS support!

After 5h of searching/ trying of different options I managed this ridiculous thing to work more or less (less). In my case Signal have to be upscaled to minimum 24Bit then it works with Soekris… In same moment it plays fine with radiostations… Anyway there is still no working volume control. Moreover playlist feature is the worse I have ever seen - While I choose one Tidal playlist to play from, then (as everwhere else) I decide to play random - guess what? - it will random but from ALL playlists… not the one you have chosen. Additionally it plays radiostations in beetween … This is not serious solution. I do not reccomend it to anybady. Waste of time, money with very poor result. Volumio you shouldn’t force people to pay for it! It is not further than in test phase