Separate PS for RP3, Kali and DAC

I want to build a power supply for the RP3, Kali reclocker and I2S DAC. How to supply the power separately to these boards?

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I use an Anker PowerCore 26800mAh Power Bank to supply 5V and 6A max to Kali, which provides power for 2 days or more. The cabeling still needs some embellishment and switches to turn it on/off.

May I ask a very basic question? Do all the batteries provide linear power?

Yes, this is what I am doing right now. But it is cumbersome and not elegant. I want to house the system in a nice box.

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In order for the supply to be linear, it depends on the quality of the cells and current draw.

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I have tried the allo power supply, battery power (ifi micro idsd) and the best, certainly it is linear linear power supply. In my opinion contributes to my system even more than Kali. It is also very important to feed Kali and pcb separately.

Hi Jorge,
Can you share where you got your low voltage regulated board from? I can’t find one which is like the Teddy registers which are fantastic.


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Hi Ed. … -8204.html


Guys we are working on a LLC PSU dual 5V 15W (70mV noise) and 19v 75w(6mV of noise)

This is a LLC design so very very efficient with PFC

Happy to wait if I know the details, timeline and costs of the LLC PSU.


Noise figures are already provided…we are trying to further reduce the 5V noise.

5-8 weeks , pricing less than 150$

Can you elaborate or even better, show a pic of your cabling?

I’m interested to buy Dual LLC PSU and I wonder if it works in my system configured as follow:

HDD connected via USB to Raspberry

Now I use a iFi iPower for Kali (and Piano 2.1) and a battery pack for Raspberry and HDD, my question is:

Can this Dual LLC PSU substitute both iFi iPower and battery pack?