Send audio file to ethernet port of DLNA AV Receiver


I have a spare Raspberry Pi which I want to use as a music server using Volumio. (especially for the Airplay option)
My music database is stored on a Synology NAS and the audio output will be on a Yamaha RX-V671 Receiver with DLNA but no Airplay capabilities.
However, since this RPi is not in the neighbourhood of the Yamaha Amplifier (no ethernet connections left),
I was wondering if Volumio is capable to send the audio files to the Ethernet Port of the Yamaha and let the DAC of the Yamaha handle the audio output?


Can’t you connect the Pi to the AV Receiver through a HDMI cable? It works great on my Denon AVR1911.

Yep that is working, but I have no spare ethernet port around my receiver…so the Rpi is now upstairs…I don’t want to spend extra. money on cables or routers…my main media center is a rpi2 with opelec kodi, it also supports AirPlay however ios9 is causing troubles for AirPlay…until this is fixed I want to use volumio

Volumio is a audio player and not designed as a music server.
isn’t it simpler to disconnect your receiver Ethernet and plug that in the R-pi?

I would still have to buy a hdmi or optical cable and besides that I can’t control the receiver with iPad or phone anymore. But if it is not possible no problem…I will have to look for another temporary solution.
Is the audio quality of volumio better then openelec/kodi when hdmi passthrough is used?

Is there room left behind the Yamaha to place a small ethernet switch?
A 4 or 5-port version would hardly cost more than 25-35$

Already mentioned no money spending options for a temporary solution. But it still doesn’t answer my first question. I was wondering if Volumio could setup an audio server (with AirPlay), which is able to send/re-direct the (airplayed) music to other DLNA renderers. But according to mobeyduck it is not, so I will look further to other solutions.

You can use a standard ethernet cable to carry two different connections, I do this at home as I don’t want to put a switch.
Here is how you can do it:

Even though it is possible, it is strongly advised not to do that. Gigabit Ethernet won’t be possible and the jitter and crosstalk can give you strange results.

Okay okay…I have bought a hdmi cable and connected the Pi to the Yamaha receiver.
I am using the network cable of the receiver.
Which i2s driver should I select to get audio over hdmi? None or Rpi dac?

None but you’ll be limited to 44,1kHz. Id you need higher bitrates I will tell you how to do it tomorrow.

Stéphane Acounis

Working…How do I get higher bit rates then?

You’ll have to put a new kernel, please read this posts: #p14692

Thanx, but both links are not working…they send me to the main forum index

Woops, It worked yesterday from my computer.
Try this:, messages 13253 and 14692

Hi Stephane,

Is my 4gb SD card to small? when I unzip the tgz files i get errors


These files are gunziped tar archives, you will need to do «tar xvzf file.tgz» to extract them. They are quite small, I am also running a 4GB SD card and I have no problem.

Are all Rpi models included, or do I have modify some files? I have a rpi1 b 512mb

Working!..only need some test files…

You can find some here: