Selling my Volumio

Good evening.

I wanna sell my Volumio Primo hifi edition. Will the buyer also gets the “MyVolumio Superstar Lifetime” licence i have bought? Please inform me.

By the way; i am selling because the Volumio Primo has made me a streamer-addict and i want to buy a High-end one now. All this thanks to Volumio!!!

Marc Kouwenhoven.

Hi Marc …I have the same question…do you get a answer?


Well that is really an interesting aspect and surprisingly nobody seems to be able to answer that simple question :thinking:

Well, I know a seller who is giving away his primo for a good price and my question would be, if i would get his lifetime subscription with the device. another issue would be, if this subscrption would be usable with other volumio devices as well (f.e. my pi devices)?

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I did miss this topic.

Answer is: YES. The lifetime superstar subscription follows the device.
And yes, if you login to MyVolumio via your Primo Hi-Fi edition, your account will be upgraded to Superstar, so you can use superstar with your other PIs.

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