Selling my Volumio Primo

I need to do some changes and I am selling my Primo in $400.00. Shipping is not included. The unit only has 3 months of use. No scratches or blemishes. It looks new. Now as to why I want to sell it even when I like it so much:

1- Due to my configuration, I am double converting: Digital to Analogue to Digital and back to analogue to feed my mono blocks. This is happening because I’m using a miniDSP to cope with my room’s standing waves.

2- That’s why I also need to sale my miniDSP DDRC-24 (with a Dirac Live license) to purchase an only digital option: a miniDSP HD Studio.

In a nutshell this what I’m selling:

Volumio Primo - $400.00. I love this streamer. Its analogue stage is awesome, but I use its USB output which is out of this planet good! My sound stage is enormous; plenty of details, no ringing, low jitter and so on. Let me tell you this: I also have a good CD player and transport (Emotiva ERC-3) however, the Volumio Primo sounds better, especially when is used with an excellent external DAC like PS Audio Gain Cell.

miniDSP DDRC-24 (Dirac Live licensed) $250.00 ( No microphone included ) No shipping included. This device completely changed my listening experience. It solved my bass problems, corrected alignment and phase issues I had in my room.

Hi Jordo81,

Yes. I’m still interested in selling my Volumio Primo. Also, I have an ELAC 3030 sub for sale; but it is way to big to ship anywhere outside US.

For some reason, I can’t answer your message directly from here.

Thank you for your interest.


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I’m still dealing with standing waves in my listening room. MiniDSP is helping but the dimensions off my room don’t help.

The reason I’m selling my Volumio Primo and my MiniDSP is that I want to correct for the room in the digital domain only.

For you guys information: USB Curious Cables based in Australia are one of the best options to have any streamer connected to your DAC. After I got this cable the improvement in my sound was very noticeable to say the least. These cables are expensive but very much worthy.

My system: PS Audio Gain Cell DAC

Monoblocks M700

Volumio Primo - UpTone Audio ISO Regen

IFI Tube2 - Emotiva ERC-3 CD Player

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Buchardt S400 speakers

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ELAC 3030 Sub - Pioneer Andrew Jones Sub

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Cables: Amazon Basic Interconnects (very good for the price) - Speaker cables: Anticables

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Have you sold your Volumio Primo? If not, what would the shipping cost be to Sacramento, CA?



Sorry I missed your question. No shipping cost. I dropped the price to $200.00. The unit works well However, I can’t find the wireless antenna. Interested?
If you are interested, I also have a UpTone USB regenerator for sale. I could do a combo for you if we agree in prices. This “little thing” makes Volumio Primo USB output sounds amazing.
Drop me a note.

New member to this community… How do I send a private message?
(I may be interested in your Primo)

Thank you for your interest. I don’t know how to send private messages in this forum. I will ask Michelangelo and I’ll get back to you. On the same note, I don’t know why I get emails from the forum so late. I just received one notification. So, if I take a few days to respond it is because of that. I’m selling the Primo anyways. I love it, but I don’t need it now.

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Which DAC and Streamer were you using with your Curious USB cable? I recently purchased the “Yellow” Curious USB A-B, and tried it with my Magna Mano and Topping D90, but my Volumio software does not see the Curious USB cable. It does see the basic USB cable that came with it, but not the one from Curious in order to play MQA. Anybody know what the secret is to allow Volumio in order to see the new Cable?

Well… I’m now using Cambridge Audio Azur 851N with the same DAC as before: PS Audio Gain Cell. There’s something weird about your question: Volumio “doesn’t see your cable”??? Also, I didn’t know that you need a “certain cable” to render MQA files.
I had a problem long ago. My Volumio Primo couldn’t recognize PS Audio as a DAC. The solution was to send the DAC in for an XMOS upgrade. That did it.
I still have the Volumio Primo and tried it yesterday with the same Curious cable and worked well. I don’t know what to tell you. Did you try your cable in another equipment? You might have a faulty one.

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When selecting the output device in the Volumio Software, with the Standard USB cable used, it will show my Topping D90 DAC in the dropdown list to select for output over USB. This is essentially doing all my audio over the USB cable from my Streamer to the DAC. When I take the standard USB cable out and try to use the Curious USB cable, when selecting the same dropdown for my output device in Volumio software, it does not list my Topping DAC as an option, it only lists headphone and HDMI out so something isn’t right when I have the Curious Cable plugged in. Either the DAC isn’t recognizing it, or the Raspberry Pi Magna Mano isn’t seeing it. Very Strange.

Julio: Your current steamer (the Azur 851N) is a superb VFM component!
Is the Volumio Primo still for sale? If it is, how much (do you estimate) will be the cost of shipping it to Israel? Please let me know.