Selling my development boards

After leaving the community as a dev (but still a convinced Volumio user), I have the following items for sale, shipping in Europe only:


  • PI Model 4B, revision a0111 (1GB), hardly used, 60€
  • Allo Kali Reclocker 60€
  • Allo Piano 25€
  • Allo Boss 30€
    All Pi items bundled: €160


  • Tinkerboard S 50€

I also have

  • Khadas VIM3L, VIM1, VIM2, VIM3 (all with original Khadas case, mix of passive and active cooling)
  • Pine Rock64 4GB with ES9032 HAT
  • Several Odroid C1+, an Odroid C2, HiFi Shield 2, HiFi Shield +, HiFi Shield, Odroid XU4 and several emmc modules.

Let me know at ge.koerkamp@bluewin,ch which items you are interested in.