Selected output device (Allo Digione) is not available


I am using now Allo Digione for more than two years, without any difficulties.
Recently, after upgrading Volumio to version 2.799, occasionally a message pops up saying “Please connect snd_allo_digione to the unit or select a different output device from playback options”, and in such cases there is no sound coming from the device.
Can you please help me to identify what’s wrong?

Thanks in advance


Same problem here with digioane signature.

Then this looks more like a Volumio software issue, than a hardware problem on Allo side

This latest kernel has some issues with some cards…

Can you guys please send logs?

IMPORTANT: Paste the log link into this thread, otherwise we cannot check them

Please find attached the generated log.volumio log.txt (1.1 MB)

Mine too. It now just displays allo digo one and not allo signature like it did before. i also need to enable I2S where before I did not. It still works however.

You should always enable i2s for I2S DACs to work properly