Select multiple files for playlist

Dear Volumio Development Team,

First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude for the outstanding work you have done with Volumio, an audio operating system that I truly appreciate. The user experience is excellent, but I have a suggestion for improvement that, in my opinion, would make using Volumio even more seamless.

Currently, when creating playlists, I can only select one album or song at a time. I would like to submit the suggestion to add a multiple selection feature, allowing users to choose several albums or songs at once to add to a playlist. This functionality would greatly facilitate playlist management, especially for those with a large music library.

I am confident that adding this feature would enhance the efficiency of the application for many users. Thank you very much for your consideration and for the time you dedicate to the development of this fantastic project.

Best regards,

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yep, 2nd that!

Agreed! Further, I would love to be able to select multiple tracks on an album and add to queue, for example when selecting one classical work split into 3 or 4 tracks on an album containing multiple works (which I find myself doing often).