Seeking recommendations for new setup

Hi Guys,

5 years ago i setup my first Volumio. It runs on a Raspberry Pi model B with a Hifiberry for the optical outs. The boot partition runs from an SD card, the linux os runs on a usb stick, and i have a 2.5 nas harddrive connected for my flacs. It connected via Coax to a Yamaha V663 receiver, which drives 2 ALR-Jordan bookshelf speakers. I use it to play those FLACS, but its also often used via Airplay, streaming Spotify from the IPad.

This setup has been running flawlessly for 5 years, but my father is donating his old(ish) NAD stereo amp to me. I would like to replace the Yamaha with this amp, but my current Hifiberry does not have analog outs.

I was thinking of replacing the Hifiberry board with a DAC board, but perhaps i should just splurge and buy a new setup. Configuring the volumio was fun, so …

What hardware is recommended these days? Most important features are a good DAC and low power usage.

I was using a Raspberry Pi 3B with a Hifiberry Dac PLus and a standard power supply.
Was very pleased with the setup but just bought an IFI 5V PSU. For 50 Euros it’s a decent sound upgrade and I can only recommend it.
The analog outs are going into a Pro-Ject Meia Pre-Amp that connects to a pair of active KH120 by Neumman.

If I were you I’d probably buy the same setup. I don’t know if a different DAC would make any difference in sound but I sure know that this IFI thing does.