Second usb drive not detected Except when disconnected

I have one terabyte MVME drive connected to my volumio setup and its detected perfectly and plays music just fine. I recently acquired a second NVME, 1 terabyte drive and it never shows up inside of the interface unless. I go to disconnect it, at which point it gives me the name of the drive and shows us disconnected. I’ve tried rebooting multiple times. I’ve also. attempted to disconnect the first drive and only connect the new one and for some reason it still isn’t seeing inside of the OS. I’ve also tried refreshing the USB drives with the rescan option and volumio, but nothing helps. If any of you have an idea of what I can do, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

Please let us know your setup, is it an RPi, Tinkerboard, x86 or something else?
Best to create a log immediately after you notice that the device was not detected, it will give us basic information about your setup and possibly give an indication as to why the device is missing.
How to create a log

It is a Pi setup with Ian Canada parts.

We need more info, otherwise it all becomes guesswork with little chance of success. Please submit the log and post the URL.

I submitted the log as you instructed.

You submitted a log, perhaps, but I asked for the URL, which is the key to the log. Please read the instructions carefully.

I’m sorry I did it incorrectly, these things are difficult for me. I have simply removed the second drive. Problem solved. Thank you.