Seb from France

Hi All,

I’m Seb from south west of France. I always enjoyed listening music and years ago I decided to start CD-less music with a SqueezeBox duet. When I discovered that SqueezeBox wasn’t supported any more by Logitech (and also because DAC are better now) I decide to look for another solution more DIY style based on RPI.

Since I’m working in computer science (software development and IoT) I decided to create something more user-friendly (means with a better WAF…) than only RPI and DAC. So my target is to create a kind of “HQ Music Streamer” with the RPI and DAC+ Pro. I will add a regulated linear power supply for a better sound, a push button to properly start/stop the system, and a 4x20 LCD screen to display information about current song. All the stuff will be included into a nice aluminium box. That’s the project :smiley: .

For now I wrote the code asking information about current song to MPD daemon. The code then generates 4 lines to display on the LCD (text is scrolled on the lines if needed). I need now to wire the LCD screen on the RPI then send the 4 lines to the screen.

On the audio side, the DAC+ Pro is connected to an Atoll stereo amplifier connected to Focal Chorus speakers. The sound of this DAC is really good and Volumio drive it perfectly. The web UI is exactly what I was looking for : I can control the audio system from a tablet. Easy :slight_smile: .


Hi Seb and welcome. Please feel free to write up your project in a separate post for others to follow.