Search in queue and crossfade

Hi Guys,

Would it be possible to have a way to search a song in the queue? A quick way to find a music in the queue to play it and not in the library.

A way to interact more with the queue would be nice too. Like a drag and drop to change position in the queue would be great too.

Also it would be nice to have some crossfade options to have a smooth transition if possible.


If you use the mobileUI (from a smartphone) you can change the position in the queue by moving the small album art up or down.
The other point could be a the object of later dev…

Brilliant! Same for PC browser still would be nice :wink:

Thanks for the tip anyway.


shouldn’t there be a way to realize crossfade by changing a configuration in mpd? Maybe anyone could give us a hint how to do that?

Thank you very much!!!

The drag n drop works also on Desktop and tablet.

As for the crossfade, we’re using an alternate method to handle the queue, so using mpd’s functions will not work for this one…

OOHH it works indeed on the desktop version. But it’s not really intuitive…

It works after clicking for like 1 second, which is not something you do much on a desktop. And there is nothing changing after a long click. Maybe after a long click is the selected object could be detach from the list or some color change.