Sdcard don't boot after reboot

Hi all,

Wanna share an issue, but solved so that everyone get a little bit happier with volumio.

I have latest stable volumio version on a pi3 using a compatible dac, and love it, until I get it restarted or turned off.

I take off the sd card and put it on my windows laptop do usb check and is back online.
But the latest time I hot this issue that instructions didn’t solve, I was only able to revive the sdcard doing a e2fsck on gparted live ISO on the sda volumes of the sdcard.

So my instructions when sdcard don’t boot is to do a Windows check on the fat boot partition or do a e2fsck using a live Linux distro.
check if that helps

How do you shutdown Volumio?

Hi there,
Just to clarify I always do a clean shutdown or reboot using the volumio interface, but I suffer from the same issue with dirty sdcard to hoot.
new sdcard burned with pi image