SD card read only to prevent corruption

Hi All.

I have a Pi3B running Volumio in my car.
The PSU is Mausberry Circuits Car Power supply.
The PSU is powered also by the battery and the ignition. Once ignition is OFF the Pi getting shut down properly to prevent SD corruption.

Last week my PSU died and i can’t order a new one.
Is there a way to use regular 12V USB power supply but to make the SD read only so the Pi can be just cut power without corrupting the SD card?

Thanks in advance.

Does Volumio write to the SD card once the software is set up as you require?

Log files, music database, etc. The SD card would need to remain writeable for normal function of Volumio.

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Thank you All.

So need to find other sollution.

pi4 has less corruptions…

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