Screen LCD, 1920×720,

Hello everyone
Three months ago I started my adventure with Volumio, I have a 7.9 call display but it is not legible and I made myself a bigger one( 12.3inch Capacitive Touch Screen LCD, 1920×720, HDMI, IPS, Toughened Glass Panel) Is there a chance to install this screen with rPI.4 from volumio?
If so, how to do it?
I will be grateful for any help

It would probably be similar to installing the 7.9" display (if that was HDMI, too), but it would be helpful if you could tell us the brand and exact model of display.

Waveshare 12,3

Assuming you have the Touch Display plugin already installed connect to Volumio via SSH and add

hdmi_cvt 1920 720 60 6 0 0 0

to “/boot/userconfig.txt”. Then reboot.

Thank you works great

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