Screen / Display options for Raspberry Pi?

Hi all,
I’m wondering what the best current display options are for raspberry pi and Volumio?
Does anyone use an E-ink display and does it work well?
I would maybe like to have touch screen, so the kids can select some tunes without needing a mobile phone and I’m wondering if it’s possible to have something a bit different like an E-ink display that I don’t feel so bad about if it’s left on for long periods, but it seems touch screen and e-ink don’t exist together yet. I’d like something that is fairly small, but not too small that it becomes fiddly.
So what display do you use and what would you recommend?

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if you get a DSI touchscreen display it will run out-of-the-box, just enable touchscreen plugin.

There are also cheaper SPI touchscreen, but usually they have a resistive touch-panel, not good enough to be used with fingers.

At the moment I’m using a OSOYOO 5 Inch and I’m waiting for a Waveshare 4.3 Inch DSI

Thanks @Darmur
I have tried the Hyperpixel display, but it’s a GPIO one, so although I can get it to display just fine when I boot up, if I enable the touchscreen plugin, then the screen goes blank with the backlight on. I guess that the Touchscreen plugin is only designed for use with the DSI port and I’m not savvy enough to know how to change that.
Maybe I’ll use the Hyperpixel for something else and get a DSI screen instead

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No, it should be working with SPI (GPIO) screen too. I had Volumio running on this screen

It works fine if I use the plastic stylus for touch, using fingers doesn’t work very well

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oh, ok, that’s cool, thanks. Any tips for troubleshooting?
The Hyperpixel screen works fine initially when booting and I see the login screen ok, but if I start the touchscreen plugin I just get a blank white screen with only the backlight on.

Sorry, I never used that screen

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@JRatron If you should have installed the touch display plugin between 2020.05.30 and yesterday, chromium would not have been installed due to an expired certificate (see e.g. As this is solved you could try uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin.

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@gvolt thank you!! !

That would be a difficult one to diagnose otherwise! :slight_smile:
Now my issue is only that the touch screen functionality is 90 degrees different to the display. Seems to have X and Y swapped. I used the Touch Screen plugin to rotate by 90 degrees, but the touch function has also rotated too, so it’s still 90 degrees out from the image on the screen.

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What is the exact model name of the screen and what Pi are you using?

it’s the Pimoroni Hyperpixel 4.0 with touch

I have installed the driver using
sudo git clone -b pi4-i2c-fix

It seems there is already an open issue for this problem, so I will just keep an eye on it there

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Hm, yes, I think you will have to wait for pimoroni then… On their GitHub is another issue which might be related, too.

cool, thanks. For now I’m just really happy it’s working as a display :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, this is my first post.

I can be very lazy. Is it possible to download an image with Raspbian, Volumio and the touchscreen add-on that is all in one ready to go?

I’m expecting my RPi3+, touchscreen and micro SD tomorrow. I have also downloaded Raspbian, Volumio and Etcher. Will I have problems with the license being out of date or it this working now?


I’ve just read a couple of guides and it seems that it is possible to get everything working while being a headless unit. I find this difficult to believe! Will Volumio start on boot without editing a config file? Can the WiFi and touchscreen plug-in be installed via the app?

I use origional Raspberry Screen. It all works fine, bút the toughscreen is not very Good. I no use it mainly as a showcase. What is playing… For music selection I still use the webinterface.

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My RPi3+ arrived. I flashed the os and Volumio to a new SD card and then connected everything. I set it all up through my phone totally headless! I have not connected the screen yet but so far so good. I will try the touch screen tomorrow hopefully.

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Hi All

id anyone get the Waveshare 4.3inch DSi display to work? With the standard touch plugin, volumio does not start up and enters a loop of startup-shutdown.
Any help appreciated.


Mine is working out the box. Just conect the dsi cable then touch plugin…

Did you start with a fresh Volumio system? If so, did you wait to give the system enough time to expand the file system before you installed the Touch Display plugin?

Did you install other software or modify /boot/config.txt or /boot/userconfig.txt? If so, please describe in detail what has been installed / what files have been altered and in what way.

In case of doubt flash Volumio again and start from scratch. This sometimes is faster than analysing the current system. :wink:

If you don’t want to do that or if the issue should persist even after installing from scratch, logs would be needed to investigate. For this purpose connect to Volumio via SSH and run sudo journalctl -f which can be stopped with Ctrl + c any time. You will be able to watch the moment when Volumio begins to restart. Copy the log entries between two Volumio restarts and paste them here or PM me.

BTW: What Pi and what version of Volumio are you using?

same for me, it worked out-of-the-box

I can’t test with the latest version because the setup with Waveshare 4.3" display is at my parents’ place in Italy