Schiit Modi not detected on RPi Zero W


My running Volumio 2.? (version of July) wouldn’t update for some reason, so I just did a full fresh installation of the latest Volumio version on my R-Pi Zero W. Since then however, my Schiit Modi mkI usb dac is not recognised anymore in Volumio…
It’s a plug 'n play dac (no drivers needed) that has been supported ever since Raspify, and since Volumio 2 it would pop up in the list of Output Devices as ‘Device’, next to the audio jack and hdmi. Simply selecting it there would do the trick to play some tunes.

I’m lost what it could be now. I tried several cables, no luck. I have powered the dac via the R-Pi directly for years (before on R-Pi model B), so that shouldn’t be the point now either.
I will try to flash my previous version of Volumio again, but in the meantime any ideas what else it could be?
Thanks in advance!

Did you find out what the problem was? Im having the same problem now! It cant detect my external dac that is connected by USB.


Would you please share more information, which exact Volumio version are you using?
(saying “latest” does not qualify)
Even better, share a full log which will already contain most information needed.
Ideally from a fresh reboot, after reproduction of the problem.