scan is blocking

I need your help!
I just installed Volumio 2.285 (HifiBerry DAC) and add 2 hard disks via NAS, each 600GB.
I start the scan and it blocks at Artist:355, Albums: 676, Tracks: 4504 Playtime:641:16:17. I shot down and restart the system for a new rescan but it bocks at the same values.
I tried also an update. It seems that Albums, Palytime, etc. continue to grow but after a restart I have the same values as before.

Browse bottom continue to turn.

Is there a file who blocks the scan? Is there a limit which volumio can scan? Memory problem?
How can I fix that?


There is probably a corrupted file. Try to turn on extended format support from my music settngs . let us know

Hello michelangelo,
Thank you for your feedback!
“Extended file format support” is already on. :frowning:

If you turn it off? Does it complete the scan?

It works now! Thank you for your help!

i get the same issue, it’s showing the limited content on NAS after updates, not resolved if i change all settings in “my music”… if i delete the album from “visible” list, it will show 1 less next time. Looks like it stops to scan at some point of time.
Help pls! And thanks )