Saying hello :)

Hi Volumio team and the community :wink:

French, based in London since a couple of year and I love technology.
I recently bought a Raspberry Pi 2B+ because I wanted to do something cool DIY.

My idea was to build a little Airplay Dac station with a IR module in order for me to control my amplifier from a web interface.

Today so far I can say I’ve my Airplay DAC station working well when she wants :laughing: In fact the Airplay doesn’t work perfectly and I’m experiencing some issues. The connection drops a lot or I lost often the airplay connection as soon as I change the music.

I guess this is a commun problem which could be solved with Volumio 2 ! Finger cross.

My first question as a noob at this stage is:
what is the difference between /etc/modules and /boot/config.txt?
I want to load at the boot the lirc module.

Thanks !

Welcome to the board superparati!

I hope that you find a solution to your problems on this board.

For your first question: /boot/config.txt contains system parameters for the Raspberry Pi board. You can specify various GPU parameters etc., you can read more about it here:

The /etc/modules is something different. It is part of the linux system on the RPi, and where it is specified which modules should be loaded on boot. I think you should enable lirc in this file. I found this guide: from a quick google search, which might help you!

Hi tomatpasser thank for your your welcome message !
I’ll check your websites thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know if I solved my issue.