Saying "Hallo!" from the Netherlands

Hi, all!

First of all, a warm greeting from the (right now kinda cold) Netherlands. I stumbled upon this opensource project while trying to turn an unused rpi3 in a streaming device for high-end audio listening. After trying a few different methods (programming it myself with a Raspberian base OS, to weird remote client control workarounds). But Volumio did it all in one go… I’m very happy I found out about this project and the way it all runs with my system. So big thanks in advance there too all contributors. :smiley: .

So for myself, I’m a professional audio engineer, music producer, mixer and make an extra penny by buying vintage audio gear, fixing it up and selling it again. Audiophile by heart and my life is kinda centered around analog gear (using/abusing. and if needed repairs :wink: ). Although I do work in a digital audio workstation, I try to use as much outboard hardware. My workflow is dynamic because I use a combination of good midi programming/controlling and twisting the knobs on the outboard hardware. I also sample a lot from vinyl, and I’m doing some MOOCs about Machine Learn Programming for Musicians and Physics in Sound Synthesis. I do come from a background of working in the Dutch broadcast industry and Linux system management among some other IT jobs which focused on network security. I’m good at Shell scripting, good at Chuck scripting, okay with Python, okay with JS, but as long as I don’t have to do object-oriented programming I’m up and running in most languages with some practice.

To be honest, I did not read any introductions from other members yet, so apart from this I hope to have fun here on the forums, support the community where needed and make good audio quality (I don’t really like the term Hi-Fi that much) reachable and fun for anyone who is interested in listening to music :slight_smile: . I love sailing, DIY, woodwork, soldering, electronics and play the harmonica.

Oh, my system (for listening music):
HD => Rpi3 Volumio => Jitterbug (USB noise cancellation) => DAC Fiio Olympus 2 => Amplifier Cyrus MR3 => Speakers Monitor Audio S2.
For headphones, I use either my own custom build headphone amplifier, the one in the Fiio, or one of my DIY tube amplifiers.
For playing vinyl a have a Grundig FineArt belt-drive TT-903, but I have to admit the Pre-Amp needs to be upgraded, I’m not even gonna mention it here :blush: .

Share the good music :smiley: , and a good day to all of you!

Nou welkom bij de club [emoji3] NL is aardig vertegenwoordigt.

Great to have forummembers with audiophile passion.

Interested to learn more about your Pi and USB DAC combi as USB is often not performing as it should when it comes to the Pi.

Enjoy Volumio!

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Yay! Welkom! :slight_smile:

Aardig wat NL tegenwoordig idd.

Good to have some experience on board, so we can ask you questions instead :stuck_out_tongue:
Have fun reading the forum; learning and teaching.


yep, d’r is er nu een hele reeks :smiley:
We moeten langzaam volumio groen voor oranje wisselen…

Haha, I’m in. Oranje is het nieuwe groen. The small rainy country, with a whole bunch of audiophiles :laughing: . But yeah, I hope I can be of some help in regards off improving Volumio. Just moved to Amsterdam though (yeey capital), so hope to get back to normal work in a few weeks, still kinda in the construction of the second and third floor. Just saw the git repo, will go take a look over there and see in which way I can be of some help. Is the git connected to this board or are they more separate in user side and developing side?

I’m prototyping some low power op-amp based circuits at the moment, they are based on the idea that the kids nowadays do not have decent gear when they are listening to music. Hoping to reach the younger group of music listeners that might really love some good or at least decent audio, and thereby getting them into the mindset of how audiophiles listen and what we appreciate and why. Not that I want them to get the audiophile virus, but getting people to listen to music with “better ears”, more attention, appreciation, maybe you could even call it respect in some lovely slang hahaha.

I do encounter some audio not playing every now and then, also depending if I run from HD or a streaming plugin. YouTube seems to have the most problems in that case. Although I still have to A/B reference, the audio quality seems just as good as it would be when playing with the same gear but just use my computer instead of the Pi. But the Fiio Olympus 2 is also listed in the supported DAC list if I remember correctly. I’ll try some headphones to make a decent comparison. Have there been any major problems with USB DAC’s yet?

There have been many reports from people having issues with USB DAC’s in combination with a RPi. (Btw, also many people mention that they have a good working setup).

In general, the RPi USB bus is a single USB (otg type) port that is also used for the LAN interface. The dedicated I2S pins on the GPIO header seem to perform better when it comes to speed, timing and sensitivity to interrupts.

Hope this clarifies a bit :slight_smile:

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Yeah sure does! I can somehow imagine how the single bus setup on the RPi can cause problems with compatibility but need to read up on some of the information about the single bus setup, been too long since I really messed around with it. Although I think most USB DAC’s would run relative smoothly with the correct tweaking in Volumio. But its also something you have to willing to do, I did three fresh installs so far because of me messing around in the Volumio OS. Might do a DIY project regarding a good DAC (and maybe a small headphone amplifier :laughing: ) aimed towards the GPIO header pins I2S.