Saving Power (Disable HDMI, BT...)


Is there a way in Volumio to disable HDMI, Bluetooth, internal audio card ? (Maybe a plugin ?)
Or i need using command line ?

If not it could be a good feature to fit exactly to the needs of each user.
And a litle gesture for our planet :slight_smile:


yes, like to see a plugin for easy setup energy save options too.

What command line do you have to use to do this?

on RPI
HDMI on/off (/usr/bin/tvservice -o)
LEDs on/off
USB on/off
LAN on/off
BT on/off
WLAN on/off

REF: … spberry-pi
REF: … onsumption
REF: … /8633#8633
REF: … hp?t=32781
REF: … 8954e954fe
REF: … ktivieren/
REF: … uring-boot
REF: … 3&t=138610