Sata cd drive


I’m pretty new to using Volumio and a bit of a noob with th pi. I’m wanting to use a sata cd player with volumio.

Is it possible!?

Hi Stormdrewper,

In general yes - but you have to take care of the power consumption. The required power mostly is printed on the drive and should not exceed 1,2A.
Also you will have feed the RasPI with a powerful supply - say 5V/3A at least or better use an extra powered USB Hub between.

Then you can try your luck and connect it with an SATA-CD USB adapter like this one (for Laptop/slim line drives):

In case you want to use a normal PC size drive use something like this:

Certainly you will have to install the Nanomasher CDplayer plugin.

Nanomesher recommends to use a USB-CD drive (Sony DRX-S90U) which only requires 1.0A and can be directly connected to the RasPI. This is working perfect.

Which SATA Drive do you want to try to use ?

Best Regards