Samsung soundbar

Hi All,

I have the HW-Q950A soundbar from Samsung.
When i connect the Rasp pi 4 to the hdmi in from the soundbar it is not possible to listen to Volumio.
The soundbar wants picture to display before it enables the audio.
The 2 lines which the PI delivers is not enough.

Enybody a sollution ?


did you try the Touch Display plugin?

Can you please help me to find the plugin?
Thanks a lot !

P.s. i use the free version

It is available in the plugin section

Also for non paid version?

This should be free and findable in plugins >> search plug-ins >> Missellanea
en welkom op het forum :slight_smile:

Thanks I’ll try.
Dank je wel !

Your welcome :slight_smile:
graag gedaan :slight_smile: