Same Album, Multiple Versions


I recently started using Volumio on my Pi. Great software! A step up from the other sofware I was using.

I hope this is the right subsection of the forums. I was wondering if Volumio can be tweaked to handle multiple versions of the same album. Break them out into separate entries in the Album list of an Artist. This would be super helpful. (Or bundle to together and select a primary version like r**n does).

So if this feature exits, how do I enable it? Otherwise, please add to an upcoming release.

Thanks for your consideration,

Use different directories for each version of the album, and use the Album tag to identify different versions. That’s what I do.
Dire Straits
\Comminuque MFSL Remaster
\Communique (Japanese Vinyl)

Thank you, I will look into it. They are already in different directories.

So use the directory names to separate them for your own information and memory, but also add the Album tag to the files to match your directory identification. That way your human browsing of the albums will be matched by the computer’s browsing/listing/display of the albums.

Ok After a little tagging magic (Thank you Foobar2000 + masstagger), things are much better!

Great, that’s a good result :slight_smile: