Safe remove usb disks

It would be great if we can have safely remove usb hard drives command while shutting down of the volumio.

I have 4tb usb 2.5 hdd and during shut off of the volumio it just suddenly cut the power off of the usb drive and if this is done during playback it might damage the data on the disk and it is risky for the long term use.

and also during this procedure head of the hdd makes a very bad noise which is not occurs on safely removed drives.

Additionally it would also be great to access this safe remove option on GUI.

My worry with this would be that Volumio may need to build the library from scratch at every power on?

Shutting down Volumio like when shutting down other Linux systems flushes the filesystem cache to disk and unmounts filesystems during the shutdown process before powering off. There is no need to run a safe removal (i.e. flush the filesystem cache to disk and unmount filesystem) if you’re shutting the system down anyway.
The clacking noise from your disk is likely to be the disk head parking as the disk powers off which again is safe operation.