Russian Internet radio in Volumio dont work?

Russian internet radio do not support in Volumio?

Have you tried adding a custom station?

Yesterday All russian internet station disappeared from Volumio.

did you install a new version yesterday?

No, i use same version 2.9**. All work well, I use plugin radio buttons. But yesterday all radiostation from Russia (not only in my selection, but all) dissapeared. Radio from other countries work.

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The issue is not Volumio.
Afaik Volumio is using TuneIn and they seem to have removed all links.
Check “”, search for Russia, click on Regions, then there is nothing. For all other countries it still works.

I see, thank you((



Today I noticed that none of the Russian internet radio stations that I had saved as my favorites no longer worked. All I get is a “This station does not stream audio over the internet” audio message. Also, Russia disappeared from the list of available countries in the By Country list of internet stations.

Anybody has any info on this?

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Thank you! I contacted TuneIn with a similar question and here is the “no response” response I got from them: Thanks for reaching out. We’ll be more than happy to assist you. Due to a violation of our terms and conditions, we’ve removed the station(s) in question from TuneIn. We apologize for any inconvenience.

You can add any station via my web stations using a direct link to the stream, but in this case there will be no station cover.

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Yep, this is what I have done for some. Could find the pls or m3u links for some of them but I will figure it out

If necessary, I can give a link to a collection of links to 7000 radio stations in most of the part that has been canceled


I would love that! Thank you

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So the solution was to manually add the internet stations I am interested in. It took some time to do it but the problem is solved. Now I wish there were an easy way to export all of these newly added stations to my second player…

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Please, there is no place here a for such a comment…


Take your performative moralising elsewhere.

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