Russian "improved" translation

Russian translation is totally incorrect after last update! And it was absolutely correct before. “Save” is not “Удалено”!! “Удалено” means “DELETED”. It’s meaningless. Now to save setting i click “DELETED”. I don’t know who is your translator, but you should fire him)

Translations are made by community members. So if you want to improve it, we invit you to have a look here :
thanks ! :wink:

How many items are incorrect? Lot of them or just a few? If just a few, can you tell us which are those and what is the correct term?

Just a few things, but very noticeable!

  1. The worst of them is “Save” button, in russian it must be “Сохранить”. Now it’s “Удалено”, which means Deleted in english.

  2. “Web Album Art” must be “веб-обложка альбома”, now it’s “обложка веб-альбома” - not correct! Same about “Web Album Art Size”

  3. And the last one is very simple - “Hotspot” is “Хот-Спот” in russian, or as it is - Hotspot) Now it’s “горячая точка” :laughing: it sounds too literaly in russian

Sorry but I can’t seem to find the words you’re referring.
Can you please give a look at those files and in case edit them? … gs_ru.json … le-ru.json

Ok, i see 2-nd mistake in string 207 of the first file “WEB_ALBUMART_ENABLE”:“Обложка веб-альбома”,
i see 3-ed mistake in string 94 “ENABLE_HOTSPOT”:“Включить горячую точку”,

But what about “Save” button, everything is correctly in these files, but i see different thing after last update
here is screenshot

You can see wrong translation here - “Удалено”
In your files i see correct translation - string number 140 of the first file “SAVE”:“Сохранить”, so something went wrong in last update

corrected string 207:
“WEB_ALBUMART_ENABLE”:“Веб-обложка альбома”,

“WEB_ALBUMART_SIZE”:“Размер веб-обложки альбома”

“ENABLE_HOTSPOT”:“Включить Хот-Спот”

But “Save” button is correct in these files, please check the last update version

Thank you very much, everything will be fine in next release

Ok! Thank you.