Running VolumIO on RPI1

I know that the PI1 was the first board and it’s a bit out of date by now but I got one with a hifiberry shield which cannot be moved to new PI version so I stuck with this.

Any chance to run Volumio on this? I don’t need any big fancy features just music playing locally/from NAS and full control from phone app.

Right now I have the latest version of this moode player, even this is up to date running 6.x linux kernel so it’s still under development and works fine on the pi1 but who the hell wants to control this thing from web browser from an android phone … it’s just a pain. This is why I looking for Volumio.

i am afraid the rPi1 is too slow to run Volumio in a decent matter, sorry.

So how about old version?

This is from 2019, can that image still be downloaded?

As long as it has the Android app control compatibility it’s good enough for me don’t need more features.

Volumio runs OK for basic usage even with the original Raspberry Pi.

If you’re going to connect an HDMI display or a Touchscreen to show the UI, better move to a newer model

I have a MK1 pi model b running volumio with a dragonfly red dac . Just streaming you tube premium music 256k to a decent hi fi. Sounds great and works fine. Not tried to connect a local drive or do anything fancy . Very happy with it as the pi had been sitting gathering dust.
I did try it with just the output from the 3.5 mm jack and was pleasantly surprised at the sound quality . There is a lot of talk about the output being poor . Interestingly I googled it and there is an interesting article out there about the audio output. In the comments section of the article there is a reply from the designer of the pi which is quite enlightening. There is a specific mode to place the pi in to get better sound . I wonder if volumio uses this in its os ?

Can you please kindly provide me a link for the last image running on the Raspberry PI1?

The mainline download section claims it’s for RPI3 or higher so I assume it’s all in the new aarch64 format.

All I find is bunch of ragtag inconsistent gits and posts leading to nowhere:


the latest stable image of Volumio3 for Raspberry Pi from the official website works also with Raspberry Pi 1, you can use that one

the github link you mentioned is something outdated and not relevant anymore

There are still a few older versions on the Volumio update server, but you cannot browse them. You need the correct links.

A couple of older version links from Official Volumio update server.

2.457 17-09 2018

2.917 06-10-2021 Very last Volumio2

As above though, you’d probably be better off getting the latest version to work. The older versions lack features and you may find it difficult finding plugins that work with these older versions

Are you sure about that the last version will run?

Model Architecture
1 A, 1 B, 1 A+, 1 B+, Zero, Zero W, Zero WH armv6l
2 B armv7l
3 B, 3 A+, 3 B+, Zero 2W, 4 B, 400 aarch64

They would’ve need to build everything to arm6l. I think upwards it would even be compatible downwards not a chance.

yes, I am 100% sure!

just as an example, if you download the 32-bit version of RaspiOS, it will work with any Raspberry Pi model ever released. The same applies to Volumio for Raspberry Pi :wink:

In any case, why don’t you just give it a try? You only need a spare SD-card, if you already have the Raspberry Pi 1


i can confirm it is running on a PI 1 – not very fast, but it’s working.

By the way Raspberry PI 4 (4GB Model) is now available for 60$ in the US or 70€ in Europe back to the market. Have a look :slight_smile:
For Volumio even the 1GB version is sufficient.

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I’m stuck with the RPI1 because I have bought it with an old Hifiberry shield which uses the PI5 header which isn’t present on any newer model so porting the Audio card is a problem, I have many 2-3-4s in the drawer, not really a money issue.
Anyway there are still many things the PI1 can perfectly fulfill, I give it a try and we will see.