Running Moode on Volumio primo alongside volumioOS

Hi volumio community

In lost time I’ve been able to setup moode in a fully functional docker container to my volumio primo first edition (ARMv7l)

Maybe it could interest curious freeman

What you get : a very versatile, intuitive and customizable player with a different approach compared to volumio.

I need to enlight that this operation does not alter volumio OS vital part, does not break update nor factory restoring to default feature. You are safe since only docker is installed on the host.

I wanted to share with you the precious recipe

Here is the link

update of 08/15/23 : automated script hosted @github

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For me, there are several problem…
Of course, you can do whatever you want with your hardware.
But you explain how to modify a Volumio device. Users for this hardware benefit of the dedicated online support. What would happen if a user ‘brick’ it’s device?
Promoting a other system on a Volumio forum it’s a bit weird…
I’m not one of those people able to hear the colour of a cable or a Linux kernel nor a cc++ compiler.

Hi Balbuze, I don’t fully understand your point.
I didn’t purpose to flash a new firmware on EMMC that surely break the warranty. (I must admit it crossed my mind)
Everything here is reversible, this is the advantage of docker, the integrity of the host is guaranteed.

I don’t promote anything, the fact that dockerised moode has several advantages compared to volumioOS is something true that I didn’t point out yet …

Goal and perspective are the same compared to LMS plugin, the fact is that it was a little bit more complicated and impossible (I 'm pretty sure) to perform through a plugin.

Maybe I should have pointed out that it’s designed for adventurous users who know what they are doing.

… and I won’t claim for royalties to Volumio sales department because of the fact that a couple of future customers could appreciate that their future 1199 $ device could run LMS or MOODE to better match their taste (and patience) …

Please Balbuze change your software ( no pun intended ) :upside_down_face:

I’ve succeed at building a proper docker image and made a plugin proposition to the beta plugin channel
Hope it will interest someone


Of course I will wait until volumio’s team review before posting anything further :wink: