RTL8811 Wireless issues with 3.576


I have done a search for this but can’t see anyone else having the same issue.

I set my volumio to update to 3.576 and the wifi card is now not recognised at all(was fine before).

Wifi dongle is RTL8811 chipset, is this being removed from future builds? Any way to add it back in? I have checked the card and its working fine in windows so not a hardware issue.

Thanks for your help in advance,


You updated a test version, please reflash with the latest stable release and turn test mode off.
VERSION: 3.569 RELEASE DATE: 20-10-2023

Thank you for your answer, i was aware it was a test build was just concerned WiFi support four my NIC was going to be removed. I have rolled back and hopefully the next release will still have my drivers.


what is the version that works with your WiFi dongle?

Hi Darmur,

v 3.569 works fine.


OK, good to know, it means your dongle is supported on kernel 6.1.x

please just stick to stable releases

Thanks Darmur