RT5370 wifi dongle - very slow connection


I have two of the above wifi dongles and even when they are right next to my WiFi AP they only connect at 1mb/s. They do provide the Volumio AP that I am able to log into, but once I have then set up wifi and connect to it i only ever get 1 Mb/s reported as the connection speed. Scanning my library at this speed takes all day vs using an Ethernet cable taking less than 20 minutes.

I have two Raspberry Pi B+ V2s and 2 of these wifi dongles that I want to set up for friends and give them away, but I know that if they dont work reliably thay just wont get used.

I know that I should be getting a minimum of 20 Mb/s for reliable use and as a comparison the built in WiFi on my pi3 V3 reports at 64mb/s

Any ideas on what I need to check or change.


Unfortunately we can’t provide native support for all wifi dongles out there, there are simply too many.
Your best bet is to get the Edimax nano dongle, which we recommend:
amazon.com/Edimax-EW-7811Un … B003MTTJOY


thankyou for the quick response MIchelangelo,

I just thought that as that dongle/chipset was the one reccomended by the general Pi community and as it had been reported as working by other Volumio users I though it was a safe bet.

is there any way of manually adding drivers so that I can use this wifi dongle? surely soemthing is supported as I can use the AP in Volumio ect.

ive just tested one of them in my laptop and Windows installed the driver as FRITZ! WLAN USB Stick AC860. when i use this instead of my laptop wifi I get perfect HD video streaming and faster file transfer speeds.

It would be a shame and a waste if I cant use these wifi dongles.