RSYNC OMV Volumio Question

I have built several Volumio Players (Pi3B+ with a hifiberry DAC + Pro and a Pi ZeroW with a Digi+). I have my audio files stored on a flash drive on the 3 and on internal SC card on the Pi Zero.

I have a master audio directory in an Open Media Vault server.

Yes - I know I can add the OMV as a Volumio source but I thought it would be cool to have standalone media servers with local audio libraries.

I want to find an easy way keep my Pi audio libraries up-to-date as I add new music from time to time.

Is the simplest solution to SSH into each Pi and simply run Rsync in pull mode from the pi session? I’ve seen various posts about pushing files via Rsync from the OMV server and even running Cron on the Pis but it seems awfully convoluted.

(Having web interfaces on both OMV and Volumio is, ironically adding a level of confusion/ complexity for me!)

Any thoughts?


PS I must say, I’ve just built the ZeroW + DAC player and am blown away with the performance of this little box. Simply fantastic that such functionality can be fit in such a tiny package.

I don’t understand why you would take such an approach? You are making things unecessarily complicated for yourself, hence the need for setting up cron jobs and rsync. No reason why this shouldn’t work though once you have worked through it’s setup.


If I want truly simple, I can stream all of my music from iTunes or Amazon without OMV or Volumio or I can play my music through my Echo devices and bypass all of this. : ) A lot of this is just playing around with these amazing little Pi streamers.

My hope is to have the Volumio servers act as standalone devices - no need to be attached to my OMV media library, real-time. I simply want to make sure that the music files are updated across all of the streamers.