Rpi400 12s DAC and combability

Hi All , I am using a rpi 400 connected via usb to an smsl D6 DAC ,
i am curious if using a 12S DAC will give better results ?

I am willing to try but as the rpi is 400 model i understand that only the DacBerry 400 s or m will fit directly
to the rpi

i will be glad to know your advice
to know if the DacBerry 400 is supported by volumio
and DacBerry HiRes quality vs other options

thank you all

Did you really mean SMSL D9? Or was that a typo? There is a Topping D9, but no SMSL AFAIK.

correct my mistake SMSL D-6

I would stick with the D-6.
Descent DAC, with good performance.

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Fully agree with @Wheaten