RPi3 / Volumio 2.041 Shutdown leads to reboot

Setup is as follow:

  • RPi3
  • ES9018K2M DAC
  • Volumio 2.041

When doing a shutdown either from the UI or from console using “shutdown -h -P now” or “halt”, the system does not shutdown but reboot.
Doing a reboot makes the system to reboot normally.
So, it is no possible to shutdown the system in a safe way.
May be a kernell issue as it was in Volumio 1 ?
Any advice ?
Thank you.

Issue #977 opened in Volumio issues tracker.

Same RPi and same Volumio release, but I don’t have my DAC yet: mine shuts down just as it’s supposed to. Could it be the combination with the DAC causing an issue? Maybe try removing it, then doing a “shutdown” without the DAC and see if it works.

Thank you for your help.
I have disconnected the DAC, the touchscreen and the Ethernet cable but the issue still persists.
Wifi is off, so it is not a kind of wake on lan issue.
I have also flashed another SDcard but it didn’t solve.