RPI3 update 2.201 to 2.246 release problem


I was on 2.201 release (RPI3). Today, i update to the last release with UI “check update” function.
Before, there was an 2.224 release update without any problem, I restart, and now no response on click
“Check Updates” function . So I can’t update to 2.246 release.


Sorry about that, see solution here:

Quick question: what is the release you actually wrote to sd card? (I mean the first, before updating)

About your question, I don’t remember exactly , but I bought and installed a new SD card on 5 may 2017 and i flashed the last “fresh” release (2.163 ?).
I applied all officials releases since this date.

“sudo ldconfig -v” command runs fine .
next, i updated to 2.246 release.

Now, I have to check it and i hope enjoy with it :slight_smile: