RPi3 Performance Expectations

So, I am using a RPi3 and I wasn’t exactly expecting the performance to be awesome, but it seems a lot slower than it should be. I have 8000 songs in my library, which I don’t feel is a tremendous amount, and it is taking about 20 seconds to load anything in the web UI. Is this normal? What is the bottle neck?

I did some investigating, because my initial thought was just that this was the result of the RPi’s limited processing power being eaten up. But, I ran top while navigating through the UI and nothing substantial is happing load-wise. In fact, I was shocked by how little memory is being used.

Are there tricks to speed things up?

The first time you browse stuff, the system will be quite busy retrieving album-arts… But only the first time, so you will see a performance boost over time… let me know